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AGMG specializes in producing and distributing high purity (MBE grade) metals with various forms and shapes to meet the needs of epitaxy source for MBE, source metals needs for growing crystals of GaAs, InP, InSb, GaSb, CdTe, CdTe and CdZnTe as well as for doping and other source materials.

The reliable and quality metals, short-lead time and excellent customer services make AGMG the right choice for your needs of the high purity metals.   

- Aluminum (Al)      Up to 99.99995% (6N5)
- Antimony (Sb)      Up to 99.99999% (7N)
- Arsenic (As)         Up to 99.999995% 7N5)
- Beryllium (Be)      Up to 99.995 (4N5)
- Bismuth (Bi)         Up to 99.9999% (6N)
- Boron (B)              Up to 99.9999% (6N)
- Cadmium (Cd)      Up to 99.99999% (7N)
- Copper (Cu)          Up to 99.9999% (6N)
- Gallium (Ga)         Up to 99.999999% (8N)
- Germanium (Ge)  Up to 99.99999% (7N)
- Indium (In)            Up to 99.99999% (7N)

- Mercury (Hg)        Up to 99.9999999% (9N)
- Selenium (Se)       Up to 99.9999% (6)
- Silicon (Si)            Up to 99.99999999% (10N)
    >600 Ω.cm, N-Type, C & O <0.05ppba
onors:      P, As, Sb 0.200 ppba
cceptors: B, Al, Ga  0.012 ppba 
- Sulfur (S)               Up to 99.9999% (6N)           

- Tellurium (Te)        Up to 99.99999% (7N)
- Tin (Sn)                  Up to 99.9999% (6)
- Zinc (Zn)                Up to 99.99999% (7N)

If you need any of the above high purity metals, please contact our sales team for details at sales@american-gmg.com