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AGMG has Sputtering Targets with customized forms, shapes and sizes with purity from99.9% to 99.9999% to the semiconductor, magnetic data storage, Display,photovoltaic and other industries.

Our reliable and high quality materials and excellentcustomer services make AGMG the right choice for your needs of sputteringtargets.

Sputtering Target Processes

Most sputtering targets are manufactured by either induction melting and casting followed by thermo-mechanical processing powder consolidation techniques. The particular production route used depends on the target material. Low melting point metals and alloys are normally obtained in target form via melting and casting methods, whereas non-ductile and refractory metals and nonmetallic compounds are usually processed into targets from powders. However, some materials such as chromium and nickel- iron alloys are not fabricated by either method exclusively.

If you are interested in any of the above sputtering Targets, please contact our sales team for details at: sales@american-gmg.com.